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On the Wings of a Dream

By December 21, 2022No Comments

A poem within 20 lines based on the prompt: The India of my Dreams

Received a Special Mention for the October writing event of  Beyond the Box


Dawn breaks with the calming, quivering lilt of the soulful Azaan

As droves of devotees kneel and submit before the Supreme Power;

Right next door, the robust temple bells invoke the tiger-mounted Goddess

As hordes of believers chant and plead for Her seraphic shower;

Twin faiths meet and merge in obeisance in the India of my dreams!


Little Abhaya at the traffic signal, nimbly weaves her way,

Tapping hopefully on the raised panes of a swank car, she asks,

“Roses for the Madam, Sahib?” holding up a carmine bouquet.

Does his lustful gaze linger on her starving frame, eager to finish her tasks?

But Asha returns home unscathed, to a warm meal, in the India of my dreams!


Adolescents and youth toil hard and burn the midnight oil,

Cherishing dreams in their gullible eyes and books in their tender hands;

A hoary, infirm couple, biding the twilight years alone,

Finds kinship, care and solace among loving, like-minded bands;

‘Thriving, Sharing and Caring’ becomes a reality in the India of my dreams!


Not dollar dreams but kindness and tolerance goals,

Not a monotone spiritual palette but a canvas of motley religious rules,

Alive, awake, empathetic souls – together they form the India of my dreams!

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