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I Am

Sometimes I am Hope

Weaving roseate, virile dreams in hoary, nebulous eyes

And heaving hearts, yearning for a fillip;

I play hide-and-seek with ennui, by the day

At night, I hum a plaintive lullaby of moth-eaten desires

Interred in the caverns of the infecund, impotent mind.


Sometimes I am Light

Glinting off the Chardonnay in a crystal stein

Held by star-crossed lovers traipsing a parallel universe,

Immured within a prism of perennial passion;

Kissing the full-bodied, carmine lips of eternal youth, today

Only to be eclipsed by the penumbra of transience, tomorrow.


Sometimes I am a Star

Tucking my pearly corners into the moire duvet

Of the onyx sky, one spark at a time —

A luminous metaphor for waxing wishes,

Until I explode on the milky way of destiny,

Sprinkling confetti of crushed novalunosis and half-kept promises.


I am a memory, I am a void,

I am a chuckle, I am a tear,

I am alchemy, I am kintsugi

I am here, there, everywhere –

A celebration of life, an inventory of scars!

(23 lines)

P.C. Kristopher Roller on Unsplash



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