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This piece is based on the poetic form Triversen and was published as part of PenMuse-43, the monthly poetry event organised by Penmancy. It bagged the second position.


The giant bird soared high above

carrying a slice of my heart

with it, to shores, far and foreign.


Glass and steel facades, jazzy lights,

and fresh bonds await you, my child,

as you sculpt your own destiny.


I trudge back home with leaden steps,

an aching heart, but with dry eyes

that veil the void looming within.


Your room, once warm with voices…

laughter…the click of the laptop…

now feels cold, echoing silence.


Today I learnt to love you

from afar, learnt to let you go,

as you took flight to chase your dreams.


Fly back to the coop, my son,

when your tired wings need rest, and

you’ll find me waiting at the door.




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