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This poem was a part of the Valentine’s series published on ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour in February, 2024.


We made fancy wishes on the downy dandelion

and blew them in the air

hoping our dreams would fly,

and make crocheted patterns of love

on the powder blue skies;

the winds blew them away but our love stood strong.


We hiked through pine forests, hand in hand,

under a canopy of stardust and moonshine.

Our twin hearts waltzing to a single strain

of gentle psithurism and the cicada’s symphony.

A violent storm arose, a lightning forked,

but our love weathered it all and shone bright.


We watched the sun go down

in a blazing palette of molten gold,

we left our footprints on the clammy sand

amidst conical seashells and hermit crabs.

The rolling waves washed them away

but our love stayed afloat like buoyant weeds.


And thus, the years roll by

braving tempests, celebrating rainbows,

sipping old wine, reading before a fire,

the eyes grow hoary, the skin sags,

but the rosy heart has no wrinkles

as we continue to fall a little more in love.

PC: Harli Marten on Unsplash


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