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This was an entry for POATTIC-20, the November Monthly Challenge at ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour, following the format of a Quatern.


I, a Solivagant at heart,

In quest of nature’s lambent art,

Orbit the compass of the earth,

Wresting time out from home and hearth.


From my comfort zone, I depart

(I, a Solivagant at heart)

To comb the rugged sierra

And scour the alpine terra.


The teal, briny depths entice me,

Their pearly waves set my soul free

I, a Solivagant at heart,

Imbue the wisdom they impart.


I glean my zen in solitude,

It buoys my zest and fortitude,

A fresh sojourn, I then kickstart,

I, a Solivagant at heart.

[P.C. Simon English @Unsplash]






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