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This is an excerpt from my short story, The Caprice of Colour, published in the TMYS Review of March, 2023. The journal is available on both Amazon and Kindle. 


“You should be firm with her, Jomuna, otherwise one day this wretch will wreak misfortune on you! Let her wear a simple thaan with a shaaya (petticoat) at the most, but no fancy garments on the upper body! A widow needs to feel and act like one…like how we do!” Kiron Debi stuffed a luscious paan inside her mouth and strode out with angry steps, her greased hair reeking of hibiscus oil and hubris.

Jomuna’s face fell. After three tormenting years she had finally been able to put their family tragedy behind her and move on in life. Not a day would pass when she wouldn’t reproach herself for sporting vermillion, a red bindi, jewellery and coloured attire, while her daughter, her only child, had been robbed of all possible hues even before she turned 20! And now, Kironbala’s spiteful words opened the floodgate of mournful memories, and washed her away in their sweep!

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