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As the Sun descends in leaden steps, making way for the argent orb at dusk,
“Pray tarry, do not evanesce yet,” entreats the Moon,
“Why do you leave me desolate every night, my friend?”
“I darken, so you can shine bright,” replies the Sun
“Isn’t yielding a nom de plume of comradeship?”

The bald, craggy mount stands tall against the plasma-blue vault
A silent sentinel – friendless, forever seeking comfort and kinship.
Puffs of wispy, cottony clouds traipse through the celestial boulevard
To find their moorings atop the solitary sierra.
And when the lacy sky-puddles seal their ardour with a fervent kiss,
Cupid shoots His amorous dart, showering torrents of blessed rain.
Drenched in the deluge, redeemed in love, awash with emotion,
The rugged precipice coyly unveils its lush, viridian tapestry.

Miles of glistening grains of gold – warmed by the sun, kissed by the sea
The buoyant waves wash ashore gifts of driftwood, seaweed, shells and shingle,
The briny water and the velvety sand – unite and sunder apart in a timeless consonance
Birthing ripples of hope and waves of beatitude in restive mortal souls.

A fortuitous touch, a furtive glance, a silent avowal, an unsung melody
Reconciled to rupture, celebrating union, embracing foible,
The heart weaves philia in ways unbeknownst to the head.


First published on Penmancy:


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