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The crowded bus trundled along, teeming with fatigued, home-bound passengers. A young lady shuffled uneasily, supporting herself with a walking stick. She looked clearly piqued with the balding, middle-aged man right behind her.

“Mister, you’re brushing against me!”

“I’m worried you might fall…just trying to support you, Miss…?” He asked, flashing a libidinous smile.

Looking him in the eye, the lady rasped, “Major Jayeeta, Indian Army. My stick is a proud reminder of my skirmish with military insurgents. It doubles up as a weapon…wanna check?”

“How’s the josh? Great, Ma’am!” The crowd whooped and clapped unanimously. Uri had just released.

(Story only – 100 words)

P.C: Manki Kim on Unsplash

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