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This poem was published in Borderless Journal in January, 2024.


The stockpile of melodies and memories

of the love-drenched days I lost,

masquerades the choking, cherry-red landscape

of my torrid heart.

Intertwined by a breadcrumb trail

of desire and penitence, it gleams,

varnished with a tawdry coat of worldly indulgence!


My fragile allegory of yesterday

melds with the brittle rhetoric of today

and gossamer tomorrows.

Together, they scoff at my callow youth,

and at the whorls of smoke

rising from the ashes of my clipped wings

and broken dreams.

A shot of black coffee, spilled on the edges,

helps me splice and braid

the frayed fibres of my soul’s fractured tapestry.

A Charade of Longing

PC: Kelly Sikkema

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